The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) is a German political foundation committed to liberal democracy, rule of law, economic freedom and respect for human rights. Working hand-in-hand with local partner organisations, FNF provides civic education, creates political dialogue and offers political consultancy. Moreover, it contributes to the public debate with publications and media contributions. With these activities, FNF aspires the realization of the fundamental liberal values of freedom and responsibility of the individual. Based on these, the foundation aims to promote free, open and democratic societies where citizens’ participation and good governance prevail.

Welcome to FNF Turkey!

FNF has been actively working in Turkey with partners from civil society, academia, economy and politics since 1991, when we opened our office in Ankara. In 2002, we moved to Istanbul.

Turkey is of crucial importance for Germany, Europe and the transatlantic cooperation due to its history, culture, economy, and geographical location. Therefore, FNF offers support to liberal-minded citizens and organizations in Turkey to promote liberal values in the society. This way, we strive to contribute to a liberal, democratic and prospering Turkey for all citizens.

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