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Equal Rights for LGBTI+ are a Win-Win-Solution

Today is a very special day: Every year on December 10, we celebrate Human Rights Day. On this day, back in 1948, the United Nationals General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human...

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Covid-19 vaccine: Why we should bow to capitalism right now

Critics of capitalism often accuse pharmaceutical companies of greedy profit-making at the expense of the poor and sick. However, the development of a vaccine in the corona pandemic also shows that...

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Report on Freedom of the Press in Turkey

Domestically, all critical groups complain about the government’s pressure on media more than ever before. In this context, Freedom Research Association has been monitoring the state of the freedom...

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How Popular is Erdoğan?

There are two aspects of popularity that needs to be discussed when speaking within the context of politicians. One is that this is a relative term. For a politician it is not important to be very...

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picture alliance / AA | Mustafa Kamaci

Qua vadis, Lira?

After staying in the 7.70-7.90 range for the good part of the summer, the euro lira exchange rate (EURTRY) suddenly jumped around 10 percent in early August in a matter of days- and has been...

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picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Emrah Gurel

Challenging Anti-Pluralist Policies

Depending on the language policies - and cultural policies in a broader sense - the reality of linguistic diversity or plurality, which prevails at different rates for every region and country of the...

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Theatre and Corona

Dimmed light, closed curtains and a full theatre hall. Everyone is waiting with suspense for the actors to come to stage. The curtain opens and the play starts. What used to be a normal situation in...

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“Everyone can be a leader in their own way”

Leadership and Youth are often perceived as an antagonism, especially in more conservative societies. This has led to a monopolization of leadership positions by boomers who dominate business,...

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Young Leaders Academy

Improving Data-Ecosystems for Sustainable Cities

With the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s Turkey Office (FNF), the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) has been running the program titled Supporting Sustainable...

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sustainable cities

Safety and Privacy in the Time of COVID-19: Contract Tracing Applications

As the number of global COVID-19 confirmed cases passed 5 million, public and private actors are continuing to take measures to contain the pandemic. The biggest sanitary crisis of the last century...

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