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"Renew Europe": Dacian Cioloş Leads the European Liberals

The former Romanian Prime Minister and EU Commissioner of Agriculture, Dacian Cioloş, was elected in Brussels as chairman of the newly founded liberal group “Renew Europe”. He prevailed with a slight...

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The former Romanian Prime Minister and EU Commissioner of Agriculture, Dacian Cioloş

Turkey’s Accession to the EU

While the majority of Turks favours an EU accession, the political regression of Turkey increasingly turns this hope into a distant dream. Indeed, it appears that both negotiating sides lack the...

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Presenting projects in North Korea at the Delegation of the European Union

Contribution to the Fair Competition Awards Ceremony

Contribution to the Fair Competition Awards Ceremony 2019, organized by Competition Association and sponsored by Friedrich Naumann Foundation was realized in Ankara. Former President of...

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Rekabet Derneği

Europe in Search of a New Narrative

In the light of Brexit, growing populism and low confidence of the citizens in the European Union, it seems that Europe loses its attraction. Many high-ranking politicians, philosophers, and artists...

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“What stories does Europe tell?” (picture alliance/Carsten Rehder/dpa)

Countering Fake News

Since the presidential election campaign in the US in 2016, the phenomenon of fake news increasingly moved to the center of the public debate. In contrast to classical false media reports of the...

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Fake news

LGBTQI Activism in Africa

In cooperation with the African Queer Youth Initiative and All Out, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom will start a training programme for the promotion of the digital skills of 25 young...

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FNF Africa

Digital Journalism Training

About 30 participants attended this highly successful training tackling the subject of how to thrive in journalism in this new age of technology and an increasingly video-oriented news audience. The...

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Veysel Ok is rewarded with the Thomas Dehler Award

Veysel Ok is this year’s prize winner of the Thomas Dehler award. Thereby, the Thomas Dehler Foundation honors the courageous commitment of the human rights lawyers. Sabine Leutheusser-...

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Veysel Ok

“What makes a Smart City a Liberal Smart City?”

For the first time, experts, decision-makers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe came together in Sofia for the “Smart Cities and Mobility Forum”. Regarding content and concept, the event was co-...

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Akıllı Şehirler ve Hareketlilik Forumu, Sofya

Rising Micro-Nationalism and Self-Determination

The panel on  “Rising Micro-Nationalism and Self-Determination” which is organized by Euro Politika Quarterly with the support Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) was held on March 9, 2019...

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Euro Politika