Academy of Rule of Law – İzmir Colloquium

Freedom Research Association

Freedom Research Association has organized the second colloquium of the Academy of Rule of Law at Altın Yunus Resort & Thermal Hotel in İzmir on 2-4 March 2018 by support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation-Turkey Office, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Atlas Network.

Prof. Ali Rıza Çoban was responsible for the preparations of the meeting. Prof. Günal Kurşun, Prof. Mustafa Erdoğan and Atty. Özlem Yılmaz contributed to the meeting with their presentations about the different aspects of the rule of law principle. Master and Phd students and the experienced lawyers from well-known universities attended to the collocquium which its aim is to promote the rule of law principle and to establish a network by reaching young professionals who believe the importance of the rule of law.

The first day of the meeting Prof. Mustafa Erdoğan has refered to the theoretical problems of the rule of law. Prof. Günal Kurşun has held a session about the relationship between the judiciary system and the rule of law. Also Atty. Özlem Yılmaz has organized a session about the individual application to the Constitutional Court and the ECHR. In the second day, Prof. Mustafa Erdoğan has analysed the relationship between the rule of law and the legislative system. The last session of the meeting was about the relationship between the rule of law and the executive system of Turkey organized by Prof. Günal Kurşun.