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“Animate Europe” goes to Montréal!

Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Since 2018, the Brussels Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organized every second year a cartoon competition under the title “Animate Europe”. The Foundation's intention is to generate new ideas for the future of Europe and the European Union and to inspire new target groups to deal with European affairs. As Europe and its integration process has been challenged recently by new and highly demanding tasks, as is: the Brexit, the migration wave and the diminished trust of many European citizens with regard to decision-makers and institutions, the competition in 2017 was titled “Re-animate Europe”. Again, artists from around the world took part. The second prize was awarded to the Canadian cartoonist Jordana Globermann for her comic “My Uncle’s Dream”, the story of the Syrian refugee girl Nadia and her first impressions in her new European environment.
In May this year, Jordana Globermann had the chance to present her award-winning comic to an expert public by participating in the "Montréal Comic Arts Festival". The festival attracted 130 artists and 12.000 comic enthusiasts. In a workshop, Jordana showed the tremendous effect comics have in order to communicate even highly abstract political and social values.

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