Cyber Policies


The meeting was held on Thursday, November 23 at the Columbia Global Centers in Istanbul with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Turkey Representation, where the results of EDAM's work on cyber policies were shared and the participants exchanged ideas. Chairman Sinan Ülgen briefly informed participants about EDAM’s work on areas of cyber security and cyber rights, and stated that in 2018 the focus will be on digital democracy. Under the program of digital democracy, it is aimed to study issues such as democracy and law, internet freedoms, fake news, how the cyber world affects the state-citizen relations. He also pointed out that what should be the responsibility of the society especially in cyber policies and policy making processes, will be open to debate. Dr. Akın Ünver and Dr. Can Kasapoğlu, research fellows at EDAM, also briefed about their work under EDAM’s cyber policy program.

Dr. Akın Ünver mentioned that the developments in the digital world which are called "digital renaissance", urged people to become more connected to each other through cyber networks while also created an "ecochamber", that means they prefer to communicate with people close to their own ideas. On the other hand, he also talked about how the state interacted with the bots and trolls to reinforce its presence in cyber space. Nevertheless, he emphasized that the war against privacy was lost simultaneously by the states and the individuals.

Dr. Can Kasapoğlu, while giving information about the cyber security studies he has conducted in EDAM, stated that the cyber area is occured as a fifth dimension in security studies. He emphasized how the cyber field changed wars after the cyber-attack cases in Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine. According to Kasapoğlu, cyber warfare also appears to have spread to the battle field physically, and it has been noted that cyber security studies are focusing more on intelligence investigations because it makes it difficult to measure national power of the state in this sense. Moreover, he highlighted that with the fifth dimension cyber brought, the battle of tanks and guns era did not end, but they become digitized.

The meeting concluded with a round of questions and suggestions on EDAM’s cyber policies program from participants. It has been suggested that studies on how public policies on cyber should be developed would be valuable. Also, how public and private sector in Turkey can establish cooperation on cyber policies and how EDAM’s work can contribute to raising awareness on this issue have been addressed as suggestions.