Data Protection Declaration |

Data Protection Declaration

We, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Turkey Office, acting as "data controller", value the security of the personal data of participants to our events and seminars, of individuals who are in our communication network for announcements related to events and seminars, of international training participants and candidates, of service providers and suppliers, of employees and those who apply to work with us, as per Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.

In that regard, we aim to inform the abovementioned data subjects, in accordance with our notification obligation, regarding the data that we are processing:

Within the context of our activities involving events, trainings, and seminars:

We process personal data of the participants including name, surname, email address, and signature, in order to fulfill our obligation to verify that the financial resources of our Foundation are used efficiently and in accordance with our founding principles. In addition, we also process Turkish identification numbers, passport numbers, and phone numbers of the participants who make a presentation/have anassignment within the context of our events/seminars, since we use this information for procuring transport/accommodation services on their behalf. This data is processed for 10 (ten) years after the relevant contracts expire.  

Moreover, we process, until the end of our three-year (3) budget audit period, the identification, communication, and education/career information obtained from application forms and resumes gathered from applicants seeking to participate in international training and education activities. The purpose of this data processing activity is to verify that our financial resources are used efficiently, and that we can conduct an effective evaluation of the applications among our internal units. The data belonging to candidates whose application for an international training were not accepted is processed for 1 (one) year after their application, for the purposes of monitoring the evaluation processes.

Within the context of our communication network:

In order to inform about the events of our Foundation and to send invitations of our Foundation's Turkish branch, we process the names, surnames, and email addresses of academics, business contacts, members of the diplomatic community, foundations, cultural institutions, journalists, members of civil society organizations, business partners, and public servants.

Within the context of services supplied to our Foundation through third persons:

We process the names, surnames, email addresses, Turkish identification numbers, addresses, bank information, the copies of the agreements that include all of the abovementioned information, as well as assignment letters and correspondence belonging to our suppliers and service providers such as speakers, translators, rapporteurs, media producers, lessors in order to effectively manage service procurement processes for a period of 10 (ten) years after the end of relevant agreements.

Within the context of recruiting personnel and accepting job applications:

We process the personal data of our employees including name, surname, Turkish identification number, address, bank information, insurance information, data regarding their dependents, as well as passport data of our international employees, the copies of the agreements that contain this information, working forms and correspondence for 10 (ten) years after the termination of the contracts in order to perform the obligations and carry out the activities.  In addition, we process personal data of those people who applied for a job within our foundation, including their identity information, contact information, and education/career information, in order to evaluate their application amongst our internal units for 1 (one) year from the time of the application. 

Your personal information, which has been obtained verbally or in writing through meetings and correspondence (in person, email, mail),  may be shared with public institutions for the sole purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations, or in the form of internal transfer within our Foundation, as part of an effort to continue our operations. We process your personal data for the abovementioned purposes, in accordance with the law and the principle of good faith, and in its most recent and up-to-date form with your assistance. 

As per Article 11 of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, you as the data subject have the following rights;

-   Learn whether or not your personal data is processed,

-   Request information if your personal data is processed,

-   Learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether this data is used for intended purposes,

-   Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data is transferred,

-   Request rectification of personal data if processed incompletely or inaccurately,

-   Request the erasure or destruction of your personal data under the conditions laid down in Article 7, and request notification of the operations to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,

-   Object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of your personal data, which leads to an unfavorable consequence for the data subject,

-   Request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.

You may apply to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in order to exercise any of your abovementioned rights. You may send your applications in written form and with a wet signature to Cumhuriyet Cad. Belvu Apt.No:107/2 34437 Elmadağ - İstanbul/Türkiye, or to via email.

(Last updated: 01.02.2020)