Hate Speech and Discriminatory Discourse in Europe and Turkey


Hrant Dink Foundation organized a panel and roundtable meeting focusing on comparative discourse studies within the scope of Asulis, Discourse, Dialogue and Democracy Laboratoary, with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom on September 6-7. The panel entitled “A Comparative Perspective: Hate Speech and Discriminatory Discourse in Europe and Turkey” took place at Anarad Hığutyun Building on September 6, with the participation of Jonathan Lee, Communication Coordinator of European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Nezih Orhon, Professor at Anadolu University, School of Communication Sciences and Turkey Coordinator of Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP).  Jonathan Lee talked about working areas of European Roma Rights Center along with the services it provides. He mentioned about the findings of the project which explores the state of anti-Roma hate crime and hate speech in France and Italy and the methodology devised for this comparative study. Nezih Orhon, on the other hand,  emphasizing that GMMP is a research and advocacy initiative working for promoting gender equality in the media, talked about the essential findings of the project which aims at mapping the representation and portrayal of women in news media (newspaper, radio, internet, social media, etc.).  In addition to the panel, a roundtable meeting was held on September 7, with the participation of panel speakers, academics and civil society actors working on media, discrimination and hate speech, and the Media Watch on Hate Speech Project team. In the meeting, a general assessment was made about long-term media monitoring studies;  examples of hate speech and discriminatory discourse in Europe and Turkey were discussed; and socio-cultural and discursive peculiarities of both contexts were explored in order to devise a methodology for a prospective comparative study.