Liberal Learning and Global Networking  |

Liberal Learning and Global Networking 


The Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom (FNF) believes in the capacity of each individual to be a leader in his or her field. FNF Turkey regularly nominates individuals to attend courses on important liberal topics, leadership and skills enhancement at the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) in Gummersbach, Germany.

Over the years, numerous young leaders from Turkey have joined IAF programs. These include journalists, civil society activists, academics, business leaders and politicians. Many of our alumni have achieved senior positions in their domain.

IAF Seminars in Gummersbach are great opportunities to learn and share ideas and experiences. With like-minded participants from all over the world these events also offer a singular opportunity for networking. Check out the 2020 program below. We invite you to apply. 


IAF Trainings 2020
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