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Liberal Homeworks Online – New Projects to look forward to

With social distancing the order of the day, online platforms have taken center stage in our lives. We are determined to keep up our liberal educative efforts under the new conditions and have therefore moved more and more content online.

Our new initiative “Liberal Homeworks Online” provides support for innovative educative programs in the Turkish language that aim at bringing liberal content to the people digitally.

Liberal Homeworks Online” is a virtual space for the dissemination and discussion of liberal content – often with a clear reference to the COVID 19 crisis. Here we want to give you an overview of these new projects. 

Please, have a look.

Dokuz8 Haber

Since the beginning of the Corona outbreak in Turkey, Dokuz8 HABER has been at the forefront of disseminating accurate information using multiple channels. Relying on a network of volunteers and more than 700 citizens’ journalists in all parts of Turkey, Dokuz8 Haber makes sure the covered topics are as diverse as is the audience. This is a news source for everyone: the general public, social media users, students, climate activists, human rights advocates, LGBTQI+ members, artists, young professionals, social entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists.

Founded in 2014, Dokuz8 Haber is one of the pioneers of citizen journalism in Turkey. The main objective is to safeguard the right to information – free of censorship, discrimination, bias and hate speech.

We are happy to support this important effort. In a timely project, the news network will cover important developments in Turkey related to the Corona virus and personal freedoms in its “Rights and Freedoms” bulletin.

Here, Dokuz8 Haber will focus on the impacts of the pandemic and the measures against it on civil liberties. “Rights and Freedoms” covers issues related to the normalization debate, the situation of vulnerable groups such as women, refugees and children, journalism and censorship, politics, economics to name but the most relevant subjects.

Corona Dialogues

Enabling dialogues between Turkey and Germany is an important objective of FNF Turkey. In the framework of the digital #LiberalHomeworks series, prominent Turkish journalist Nevşin Mengü hosts the weekly program “Corona dialogues” on her Instagram account. With German personalities of Turkish descent she discusses the impacts of the Corona crisis on society.

Turkish Public Opinion on Privacy and Personal Liberties

The Corona pandemic has changed the world and will have a lasting impact on our societies. In a climate of uncertainty data matters. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom's Turkey Office has cooperated with the Research Consultancy Istanbul Economics Research to conduct a representative survey on how Turkish citizens weigh their privacy rights and personal liberties in the fight against the pandemic.