MAVIBLAU- An upcoming German-Turkish Online-Magazine in Istanbul |

MAVIBLAU- An upcoming German-Turkish Online-Magazine in Istanbul


Simply MAVIBLAU – this is how the story of the “German Online-Magazin”, founded by Marie Hartlieb in August 2014, started ( Together with Tuğba Yalçınkaya, the magazine᾽s co-publisher, and an ambitious team consisting of young students, journalists and photographers, the magazine illustrates the relations between the German-speaking countries and Turkey regarding culture, art and society. The idea behind the project is to give room to a diverse German-Turkish culture. Instead of taking up old prejudices and stereotypes MAVIBLAU wants to share ideas and promote vivid cultural diversity. Its voluntary contributors  - as diverse as the magazine itself - have a connection to the Turkish culture for  different reasons. With their support the regular publication of reportages, columns, event-information, interviews with artists, photo series and short videos can be realized on the website. Additionally workshops and events concerning cultural topics are organized. Since March 2015, MAVIBLAU also regularly publishes articles in the monthly information paper of Brücke e.V. (a German culture and charity association in Istanbul, Always open to new cooperations and inspiration, MAVIBLAU is gaining growing public interest beyond the German community in Istanbul. Due to this fact, the recent decision of the editors has been taken to publish the magazine in Turkish as well.