Summer School on Cultural Plurality |

Summer School on Cultural Plurality

Istanbul Bilgi University
Cultural Plurality: Theory and Practice of Studies on Cultural Diversity

The summer school, co-organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Istanbul Bilgi University,  for non-academic researchers working on different cultures of Turkey or cultural diversity, in general, took place in Kartepe Park Hotel, Kocaeli between  8 and 12 August 2018. The training course consisted of thirty-six hours of lessons on the theory and practice of cultural diversity studies.

Fifteen non-academic researchers from different regions of Turkey working on different cultural groups of Turkey took part in the five-day summer school. Prof. Bülent Bilmez, Elif Yıldız, Gül Hür, Ferda Önen and Zeynep Gökçe from İstanbul Bilgi University, Prof. Şükrü Aslan from Mimar Sinan University and Dr. Esengül Ayyıldız were in charge of thirty-six hours of training in theory, methodology, archive, and documentation and usage of technical equipment in the fieldwork on cultural diversity. Halil Öz from İstanbul Bilgi University Social Incubation Center joined the summer school to moderate group games and activities that aimed at making the participants contemplate over cultural diversity and plurality themes.

Cultural Plurality: Theory and Practice of Studies on Cultural Diversity

During the five-day-long summer school, the participants with different backgrounds and from diverse groups of age, gender and class had the chance to know each other and create new networks for prospective collaborations. Apart from the curriculum of the summer school, the participants volunteered in making presentations about their own researches and gathered around discussions on different levels of cultural plurality in Turkey. At the end of the training, the participants who attended the courses and presented a research proposal on their future research projects were awarded a participation certificate.