The Workshop on Discussion of News |

The Workshop on Discussion of News

Hrant Dink Foundation
Hrant Dink Vakfı

The workshop on discussion of news items within the scope of Media Watch on Hate Speech project was held on March 31, 2018 with the contributions of Friedrich Naumann Foundation and with the participation of individuals from different segments of the society. In the workshop, issues such as discrimination, hate speech and right-based journalism were discussed through different examples of news stories and opinion columns. Workshop took place at Hrant Dink Foundation Anarad Hığutyun Building under the moderation İdil Engindeniz. The participants of the workshop were chosen among the applicants of the open call by the Foundation. In addition to the project team and the moderators, workshop was participated by eleven people including students from departments of Journalism, TV Reporting, Translation Studies, Women’s Studies, Law, Political Science and International Relations, and Sociology and individuals from different professions such as communications professor, news editor, Turkish Language and Literature teacher, lawyer and architect. In the workshop, the ways by which the framework of a news story produce and reproduce discrimination with its headline, lead sentence, image and content were discussed. The main focus of the discussion were the ways the news about the violence against women and LGBTI either accuse the victim or legitimize the crime. How the cases about LGBTI were made invisible as well as the common traits of journalism discourse promoting hate and discrimination were discussed in the workshop through examples of news stories and opinion columns selected during media monitoring work.